1993 - 1996 F-series trucks

Here are a couple of Supercharger installations I performed on new F-series trucks while working at the Ford dealer in Pasco, Washington.  We were a Paxton dealer but we switch to Kenne Bell.  The Kenne Bell kits were much better than the Paxtons.

Kenne Bell Install Brochure
Kenne Bell Install Manual
MSD Boost Timing Master 5462 manual

This is a 1994, F-150, 5.8 with a Paxton supercharger.  I completed several installs like this.

This is a 1995, 5.8 Bronco with a Kenne Bell supercharger.  I completed over 6 installs like this.

I also installed a Paxton on a 1994 Lightening pickup..
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