2001 Ranger X-Charger

This is Jeff Blacet's 2001 Ranger.  This was one of the first X-Chargers made by Explorer Express.  It uses an Eaton M62 Roots blower with integrated bypass valve.  Jeff already has a Magnaflow cat-back dual exhaust installed as well.  This was my first X-Charger installation.  The kit is very well done and installs relatively easily.  I did some minor polish work on the lower intale manifold that came with the kit before the install.

Here is the dyno results, at the rear wheels.  Assuming 20% drivetrain losses (auto trans and 4x4), we made 284HP at the crank.  AF was too rich above 4500rpm so there could be a bit more power there if we lean it out a bit.  I would prefer to see it no richer than 11.5:1.

Since that initial run, the truck was custom tuned by Brian Young.

7-2008 update: We installed a smaller supercharger pulley and Snow Performance water injection. It now make about 8psi boost.


X-Charger Manual

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