2010 Mercedes Benz E350 4matic

This is the first Mercedes I have owned. I traded in the Jaguar XJ8L at 123k miles for this since I needed a good all-wheel-drive car for Kelly to drive year round. Up until we purchased this we had 2 other AWD or 4x4 vehicles for winter but Bridgett took the X-Type with her to college so we needed another AWD car. There are many things I already like about this car. It has a good feel to it. Dare I say a bit like the Porsche, yet not a Porsche. It has reasonable power (268HP) and a 7-speed trans. It weighs 3900lbs but it is a fairly large car. We got almost 28mpg on our first trip with it.

I did a review on this car on my blog after it hit 100k miles.