1993 Audi 90CS Quattro


This is an old car we bought to keep our other cars off the winter salty roads.  It had 227k miles on it when we bought it and it was priced accordingly.  I was actually looking for a Land Rover or Explorer but this car was much cheaper and I actually prefer a car anyway.  It is fully loaded with all options as far as I can tell.  It has the Quattro all-wheel-drive, locking rear differential, cold weather package (heated seats, headlamp washers, front and rear fog lights, etc.), 2.8L V6 (175HP) , 5-speed, leather interior, ABS, air bags, fold down rear seats, and more.  The car is in very good condition actually, no rips or cracks in the interior, and no rust.  Everything works too.  This car has a completely galvanized body so it is a good choice to drive on salty roads.  This car will remain stock except for some good winter driving tires

I did have to replace the clutch at 228k miles because the throw out bearing failed..  So, I went ahead and replaced the rear main seal, clutch slave cylinder, and of course clutch disc, cover, and throw out bearing.  All the exhaust bolts broke off when I removed them so I had to replace all the manifold studs and nuts too.  Luckily I went ahead and just pulled the engine to do the clutch.  The clutch disc actually looked original and still had the Audi logo and part number on it.  It was not very worn.  I suspect this car got most of its miles on the highway.

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