1998 Mustang GT with Allen Supercharger

This is Dave Tanner's 98 Mustang GT.  I recommended and installed the Allen supercharger kit and other performance parts.  This was the third Allen install I did and the first on an automatic transmission Mustang.  We did several other modifications at the same time.  The modifications included: Prior to this work, Dave had already installed: I had an entire week to complete this install and the other mods which really helped.  This car has awesome throttle response.  All the Allen installs I did had great throttle response but this one was even crisper than the others.  This was because of the exhaust and intake mods that were also done to the car.  The 70mm throttle body, 80mm MAF and conical K&N provide almost no sound damping on the intake system.  It is nice and quiet under normal driving but at WOT you can definately hear the blower.  This car has significantly more top end power than stock as well as tons of additional power down low.  At 1/3 throttle powerbraking it I could not keep the tires from spinning.  Acceleration is real strong yet my mom could easily drive it.  If you punch the throttle while driving 20mph the car will lite up the rear tires most of the way through 1st and again when it shifts to 2nd.  The boost would instantly go up to 6psi and then climb to about 7psi in the midrange.  This car put out 290HP @ 5450rpm and 335ft*lbs @ 3300rpm at the rear wheels on a 90 degree day.  Impressive considering the air and the engine were hot and it is pushing it through an automatic transmission as well as pre-1999 heads.

Here are the track results from Dave's run:
"I had a 1/4 tank of 93 octane, and added enough 104 to bring the gauge up to 1/2 a tank. The car was carrying myself (195lbs.) a six-pack cooler full of ice and beverages, a helmet, fire extinguisher, spare tire, jack, etc. My Goodyear F-1 Eagles are still on the car also, and I did not remove any air pressure. Air temps were down to about 70 degrees and 2 hours went by in between runs......rpms at the finish line in 3rd gear was around 5800rpms."

60 foot..........1.974
mph 1/8th.....83.35
mph 1/4........105.50 (No pinging at all. All it did was roar!)

Here are the dyno results.  Keep in mind it was a hot day with a hot engine and pump gas.