2001 Mustang Bullitt with Allen Supercharger

This is Don Vanco's 2001 Bullitt.  I recommended and installed the Allen supercharger kit.   We did several other modifications at the same time.  The modifications included: I had an entire week to complete this install and the other mods which really helped.  Once I got it installed we spent some time on the dyno adjusting the timing maps and AF ratio for maximum power while remaining conservative to protect the engine.  The 4-mode TwEECer chip gave us the flexibility to make adjustments.  We made 334HP and 369ft*lbs of torque at the wheels with only 6psi boost.  The exhaust system was bone stock for those runs and we used 92 octane pump gas.

Here are the TwEECer calibration files. Here are the settings I made in the TwEECer:

Mode Calibration File Notes
1 bullitt1b.CCF This is an exact copy of the Allen chip.
2 bullitt2b.CCF This was a pretty rich run with a fair amount of timing removed.  This will be good is hot weather with a hot engine and poor gas or alchohol blended gas.
3 bullitt3b.CCF This was a step leaner than 2 with a bit more timing added back in.  This is right between 2 and 4.
4 bullitt4b.CCF This was the best performance on the fuel we had.  I did add octane boost to the tank before the dyno runs but it really only adds about 1 point to the octane.  I would use this setting when you run 93 octane or higher fuel.  This calibration produced the dyno graph above.
OFF bullittstockb.CCF This is the stock Bullitt calibration.  Could be handy for someone installing a Bullitt intake on a GT.

I started out by copying the Allen chip binary into all 4 programs.  The timing adjustments were made only to the portion of the base timing table where the load was above 1.  I adjusted the AF ratio by modifying the MAF transfer function.  On setting 2 I added even more fuel by setting the injector size to 28lb/h.  I tried the global timing adder and found out it does not take negative numbers.  Modifying the tables instead worked much better anyway because this will not affect your fuel economy at part throttle.  Modifying the MAF transfer function gave me the ability to change AF ratio at different places on the RPM curve.  It's not really directly related to rpm but at full throttle it is pretty close.

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