1993 Mustang Cobra 5.0 Supercharger Install

1993 Mustang 5.0 Cobra

This is one of the many supercharger installations I have done. I do things slightly different than the kit instructions recommends to make a cleaner, more dependable install. First, I never have cut an A/C hose during a supercharger install. Instead I bend them and modify the existing hoses and lines to fit. This reduces the chance of leaks. I always mount the FMU (fuel management unit) well away from any exhaust components as well. On this car it is mounted under the air cleaner and all the factory steel fuel lines on the engine are retained. This supercharger is a Kenne Bell screw type unit which is positive a displacement compressor. I prefer the positive displacement superchargers (roots or screw) since they give full boost by at least 2000rpm giving the engine large power increases across the entire rpm range.

This car was a blast to drive.  In first gear, no matter how easy you applied the throttle, by the time it was to the floor tires were smoking.  It felt like I had just installed a 7.5L engine.  It had torque everywhere.  It had big gains at the top too.

Kenne Bell uses Autorotor Lysholm compressors.  Autorotor is an Opcon company.  The Autorotor compressor has about 85% adiabatic efficiency.  This keeps the charge air temperature down and reduces back-work required to drive the blower.  For comparison, a typical Roots blower is only about 50% efficiant.  Eaton has done a great job pushing that number to 60% for their Roots designs.