1968 Mustang Coupe

This Photo was taken in 1988 from the top of Badger Mountain overlooking the Columbia River.  My hometown, Richland Washington, is to the left in the background.

This was my own car that I had owned since high school (1981). It started life as a 1968 mustang coupe with a 289 V8 and a 3 speed manual transmission. It now has a modified 1969 351 Windsor engine and a 4 speed top-loader transmission. In its current form, based on similar configurations and analysis by Engine Analyzer and Dragplus software, I estimate the engine horsepower to be between 375hp and 430hp without nitrous. Quarter Jr. software estimated the ET at 12.40@110mph using 10x26 slicks and a 4.11 gear without nitrous (11.40@122 with nitrous). I installed all of the factory airconditioning dash-work into the car from another similar mustang. I sold this car in 1997 to a co-worker at the dealer I worked at then (when I say currently I actually mean at the time of sale).

The major engine modifications include:

Drivetrain improvements include: Other improvements include: