Some supercharger systems use our patented supplemental fuel pressure regulator to increase fuel pressure on return fuel systems.  These SFPR's are used on our own Ford kits, as well as other aftermarket supercharger kits such as Neuspeed's VW kit and Toyota Racing Development's truck kit.  Call for custom OEM applications and pricing.
Our supplemental fuel pressure regulators increase fuel pressure relative to boost pressure.  Typical regulators provide anywhere from 2-6 P.S.I. of fuel pressure for every 1 P.S.I. of boost with a very linear and smooth pressure rise and no sharp fuel pressure spikes typical in other fuel pressure regulators.  This design completely decouples under vacuum so that low speed and idle operation and emissions are unaffected.  These systems can be used to supply more fuel without the need for larger fuel injectors, with or without computer upgrades.
Shown are a variety of SFPR's as well as remote mount adapters for use where the stock fuel pressure regulator is in a confined location.

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